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Scintillate offers a range of coaching, consultation and learning and development services to schools. An overview of our services can be downloaded below.

Our passion and niche is developing tools and resources that support students (grade 5 and up) to thrive by empowering them with greater self-awareness and self-belief and supporting them to take personal responsibility for and ownership of their lives. 

The centrepiece of this work is our Drivers of Success Framework.

The Drivers of Success 

The role of schools is changing. While traditional curriculum and pedagogies will always have their place, developments in society and technology are forcing schools to evolve. Leading educational experts and systems are calling for a new era of education, which recognises and harnesses agency, autonomy and personal responsibility as the keys for optimising student performance and wellbeing.

The potential benefits offered by this new approach are HUGE (increases in performance, engagement and wellbeing and decreases in conflict and critical incidents) but... to unlock these benefits, schools need an easy to implement solution for identifying, measuring and growing the attributes that drive success.

Incorporating self-determination theory, social and emotional learning and systems thinking, Scintillate’s Drivers of Success Framework identifies 21 core, internal and external attributes that optimise the performance and wellbeing of all students.

This framework provides the basis for the Drivers of Success Diagnostic Tool which has been developed, tested and proven in schools.  It measures the 21 drivers and 84 aspects (4 per driver) of success and supports students, parents, teachers and leaders with a range of easy to implement resources that scaffold growth.

Our suggested starting point for schools is the Drivers of Success Diagnostic Package. 

The Drivers of Success

The Drivers of Success
Diagnostic Package

How it works

Students complete a 15-minute online survey and receive a report that identifies strengths and suggests strategies that will fast-track growth.
 Parents/Mentors* receive a copy of their child’s report, and a 1-page action plan that suggests and supports next steps.
*At school's discretion.
Teachers receive a 1-page overview of students’ data which flags potential concerns, and a 1-page action plan that scaffolds next steps.
Leaders receive their student data (Excel), a report which highlights strengths and areas for growth and a 1hr debrief that supports next steps.

Mission and pricing

  • Our mission is to support all young people to thrive.
  • Introductory prices for the Diagnostic Package start from as low as $5 per student (+GST), capped at $25 per student (+GST), depending on student numbers.
  • This allows us to promote large scale adoption whilst still ensuring that our solutions are accessible to all.


Flag students who are at risk and reduce critical incidents.
Diagnose ‘pain points’ and provide targeted support.
Identify opportunities to leverage student strengths. 
Increase students' personal responsibility and ownership.
Improve teacher awareness of student strengths.
Enhance trust and improve relationships with students and parents.
Improve student transition between year groups.
Identify, develop and support student leadership behaviours.

The Drivers of Success
Improvement Package

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A custom solution that meets your needs.

Upon completion of the Diagnostic Phase of the Drivers of Success, school leaders are faced with an important question: ‘what now?

The truth is that there is no right answer to this question. 

The ‘what now’ that is the best fit for your school will:
  • Align with your whole school improvement objectives
  • Be informed by the student data from the diagnostic package
  • Depend on the resources at your disposal (human and capital) and your school’s culture/staff morale

Scintillate’s Improvement Package has been designed to enable schools to build and implement a custom solution that meets your school's specific needs. 
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How it works

Scintillate’s Improvement Package is made up of 1 core inclusion and 5 optional inclusions.

The core inclusion is 
twice yearly access to the Drivers of Success Diagnostic Tool including a pre and post comparative report

In addition to unlocking all the benefits from the Diagnostic Package on an ongoing basis, using the Diagnostic Tool twice a year enables schools to benchmark, track and evaluate impact and includes access to a pre-post comparative report.

This is the logical next step from the Diagnostic Package (and was hotly requested by our foundation schools) using it enables schools to benchmark, track and evaluate their impact.

The Improvement Package also provides schools with opportunity to access to the five solutions outlined below.

Self-reflective coaching tools
Our suite of online self-reflective coaching tools unlock high quality self-reflection across your school.

Drivers of Success online course   
Our flagship online course, designed with the busy school in mind, supports students to learn, take action and grow.

Drivers of Success workshops
Deliverable online or in person, our Drivers of Success workshops for staff and students fast-tracks their growth.

Individual or team coaching
Our suite of bespoke coaching packages enhance performance and wellbeing for teams and individuals. 

Strategic consultation
Our consultation services support schools to sharpen their strategy and tactics for leading / managing change.


There are two layers of benefits to Scintillate's Improvement Package.

First, by using the Drivers of Success Diagnostic Tool twice per year, schools are able to benchmark, track and evaluate their impact at individual, group, cohort and whole school levels, enabling schools to optimise their resourcing and mitigate critical incidents and risk.

But what about when your students' start to improve their levels across the Drivers of Success? What happens then?

Students (and staff) who are happy and thriving? Well... that is every school leader's dream!
Improved student performance
An increase in attendance / engagement
Reduced student critical incidents 
Reduced suspensions and expulsions
Improved relations with parents
Reduced staff sick day and stress leave
Improved staff attraction and retention
Improved post-school outcomes

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