About Scintillate

Designed to help people SHINE

Our mission

Our mission at Scintillate is to support people to develop the attributes, skills and qualities that enable them to thrive.

We do this by offering products and services that promote self-awareness, confidence and insight and encourage personal responsibility and ownership.

As a profit for purpose business, we extend our social impact by providing half and full scholarships to our coaching programs to disadvantaged youth and by providing our digital products to volunteer youth support organisations free of charge. 
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Lincoln Barrett, Founder, Scintillate

Formal qualifications

  • B. Arts Anthropology
  • Grad Dip. Education
  • M. School Leadership
  • PhD (Candidate): self-reflective coaching
  • Professionally Certified Coach 

The story of Scintillate

A message from Scintillate's founder
Scintillate is the fusion of my life’s work. It incorporates a career in education, as a teacher, school leader and industry consultant. It leverages my skills and expertise as an experienced and professionally certified executive coach. It encompasses the lessons I have learnt from my own life: the challenges I have faced, the successes I have celebrated and the failures I have felt. It includes the learnings from my most challenging and rewarding job of all: a father to two beautiful daughters.

From all this I have witnessed time and again one fundamental truth:

Our success is determined by our ability to master the greatest opponent of all: ourselves.

  • Will we seek to please others, or will we be true to our inner call?
  • Will we blame others for our misfortune, or will we take full responsibility for it all?
  • Will we believe in our greatness, or will we choose to play small?

Scintillate has been designed with one purpose in mind. It has been designed to help people shine.

Lincoln Barrett,
Founder, Scintillate