Superior self-reflection

Self-reflective coaching tools
High quality self-reflection holds the key to improving student performance & wellbeing. It helps students to make sense of their world. It assists them to challenge and broaden their perspective and to see other points of view. It enables them to recognise the impact of their actions. It assists them to identify strengths to leverage, limitations to overcome and to spot opportunities for growth. High quality self-reflection empowers students to take ownership of their lives. 

Sounds great right? That's because it is! But there's a problem... high quality self-reflection is H.A.R.D! 

It's a higher order skill that is rarely taught and challenging to practice, resulting in frustration and reluctance to engage. Traditional self-reflection is also overly focused on problems, creating anxiety and despondence and overly focused on the past, making self-reflection feel forced and inauthentic.

Thankfully, a solution to high quality self-reflection has been found. By fusing coaching methodologies (such as frameworks, questioning techniques, a solution focus and positive psychology), with traditional self-reflection, Scintillate has developed a suite of self-reflective coaching tools that can be applied to a variety of school-based scenarios.

A 2023 randomised control trial showed that Scintillate's self-reflective coaching tools were highly effective at improving student performance and wellbeing and vastly superior to traditional self-reflection.  

The tools can be accessed on the web, via an app or can be completed in good old 'pen and paper' style.

You can try a sample self-coaching tool or download a 1-page overview of the suite of 20 tools.