The Drivers of Success for Students:
Online Course

Micro learning that has a MEGA impact. 

There's a great line in Education circles around assessment:
'weighing a pig won't make it grow any faster.'

It's a useful reminder that while data is a useful indicator of performance and wellbeing, what matters most is the actions we take to improve.

The same is true of the Drivers of Success initiative.

The Drivers of Success diagnostic tool highlights strengths and opportunities for improvement and suggests strategies for growth but HOW will you support students to improve?  

The Drivers of Success for Students online course was designed to provide students with micro learning that has a MEGA impact.

There are 21 modules (one for each driver) that each take ~20 minutes to complete.

Each module contains:
  • an overview of the driver
  • an exploration of each of the four aspects of the driver
  • a self-reflection/action learning task that supports students to identify a specific goal for improvement and to create a plan/strategy for achieving it

Schools have administrator access meaning they can assign students, monitor progress and provide feedback.
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