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We provide schools, tertiary education centres and parents with self-reflective coaching tools, online courses and coaching programs that have been designed to help young people SHINE.  

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Designed to help young people SHINE

At Scintillate, we believe that within every person exists the potential to do great things. 

We empower young people to unlock their potential by: 

  1. enhancing their awareness, autonomy, agency & mastery.
  2. optimising the capacity of parents and educational institutions to better understand and support them.

We do this by leveraging a combination of coaching, reflection, learning & technology to provide a range of innovative solutions that have been designed to help young people shine.

Impactful solutions that suit all budgets 

Self-reflective coaching tools

A fusion of coaching methodologies, technology & traditional self-reflection, Scintillate’s suite of self-reflective coaching tools have been scientifically shown to improve performance & wellbeing by empowering young people with awareness, autonomy & optimism & generating opportunities for follow up conversations that are authentic & impactful.

Self & social mastery courses
Scintillate's self-paced online courses have been designed to support young people to develop self and social awareness, autonomy & mastery within a range of contexts.  Our courses are aligned with best practice and contemporary knowledge & harness diagnostic data, online learning & self-reflective coaching tools to ensure optimal impact. 
Breakthrough & breakfree coaching
Scintillate's premium solution is our 1:1 coaching package for individuals.  We utilise diagnostic tools, three-way meetings with a parent (or sponsor) & targeted online sessions with a professionally certified coach, to fast-track growth. As a profit for purpose organisation, we provide heavily subsidised scholarships to disadvantaged students.

What people are saying about our self-reflective coaching tools 

I'm thinking more proactively and am feeling way more positive. I'm more motivated and feel a greater sense of responsibility.
I'm more positive & determined to work towards my goals as I now feel like there is a possibility of overcoming my problems.    
Wow. I had no idea my students were thinking and feeling this way. I understand them a lot more now and feel like I'm better able to help.
I am starting to believe in myself a little better and to trust more in my capabilities. It feels good to know the next steps to take.
This has been a great exercise - it has made me stop and actually think things through. I hadn't done that before.
I didn't realise how powerful this would be. I can see positive changes in my students, and I feel like our relationship has improved. 
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Scintillate is safe & secure

At Scintillate, we take data privacy and security seriously. Our site and apps are all aligned with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Everything shared on Scintillate is safe, secure and confidential. Data is not accessible to anyone else and will not be sold or shared. 

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