Solutions for a new era of work

Personal responsibility is the key that unlocks OPTIMAL performance & wellbeing

Organisations serve as the crucibles where ideas converge, innovation takes flight, and dreams transform into reality. With a symphony of diverse talents, skills, and perspectives, organisations forge paths to progress, channelling individual efforts into a force capable of shaping industries, influencing societies, and redefining the future.

While creating this reality is the responsibility of many, organisational leaders are the architects of change. They work tirelessly to foster the conditions that optimise staff performance and wellbeing by cultivating and maintaining a positive and inclusive culture, optimising the use of resources, instilling best practice and leading innovation and change. 

Despite their best efforts, the performance and wellbeing of staff can still be sub-optimal.

Why? Because the traditional system of work privileges outputs (kpis & earnings), overlooking the qualities, conditions and attributes that drive success.

  • If your staff lack agency, purpose or the ability to think critically, despite your best efforts, their success will be severely limited.
  • If your staff lack high quality connection, impactful support or effective systems, their success is capped and they are likely to leave.
  • If your staff lack awareness, acceptance or hope, you are failing your employees.

Conversely, if your staff are strongly displaying and experiencing all of the drivers of success, optimal performance, engagement and wellbeing is guaranteed.

A six-step process that unlocks success

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Scintillate offers a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit your organisation's needs. While you are welcome to direct purchase any of our solutions (traditional coaching, self-reflective coaching tools, workshops, online courses and diagnostic tools), we recommend engaging in our six steps to success which has been designed to simplify implementation and fast-track impact and comes with a money back guarantee. 
1. Consult
A free 1 hour consultation to explore your unique context and needs.
2. Diagnose
Implement the Drivers of Success for Staff diagnostic tool.
3. Review
Review aggregated data that illuminates trends, strengths and weaknesses.
Organisations can then opt to engage in a targeted intervention.
4. Strategise
Identify objectives, target groups, solutions, metrics & implementation strategy.
5. Apply
Implement solutions, manage stakeholders, monitor progress & troubleshoot.
6. Evaluate
Performance data that evaluates impact, highlights growth & suggests next steps.

How Scintillate can help you

  • blame others
  • disconnected
  • unmotivated
  • frustrated
  • reactive
  • unsupported
  • out of touch
  • burnt out
  • overwhelmed
Scintillate's solutions:
  1. Recognise and privilege individuals as the drivers of their own growth
  2. Promote and support personal responsibility for optimising performance and wellbeing
  3. Generate authentic opportunities for support and development conversations that are targeted, efficient and effective
  4. Inform decision making, resource allocation and strategic thinking
  5. Are easy to implement, evidence based and effective
  6. Support students, teachers, leaders and parents
  7. Deliver impact at scale
  • have a growth mindset
  • feel connected
  • feel inspired
  • effective
  • proactive
  • supported
  • in tune
  • proactive
  • strategic

Maximise performance and wellbeing while saving time and money

Scintillate improves outcomes for staff. | Scintillate improves outcomes for managers. | Scintillate improves outcomes for leaders. 

Benefits for staff

More confident
Improved performance
Greater sense of control
Greater clarity
More resilient
Feel more understood
More trust with management
Feel more supported
More engaged

Benefits for managers

Better understanding of staff
Better connection with staff
Greater job satisfaction
Improved team performance
Less conflict
More efficient support
More effective support
Improved staff engagement
Less stress

Benefits for leaders

Improved staff performance
Improved staff wellbeing
Improved staff retention
Improved staff engagement
Resource optimisation
Talent identification
Leadership development
Greater inclusivity
Improved organisational performance
Greater job satisfaction

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