Tertiary Education

Helping universities, colleges & vocational education centres optimise student performance, retention & wellbeing 

Helping tertiary students to better help themselves

Although the work of universities, colleges and vocational education centres differs according to their context, location and size, they all share three main concerns, how do we optimise student performance, retention and wellbeing?

While these challenges are complex and multi-faceted, they share a common core: students.

Students determine their performance; students determine their wellbeing; and students determine whether they will leave or whether they will stay

So how then can universities, colleges and vocational education centres best help their students? By helping students to help themselves. 

Tertiary education institutions need a solution that does two things:
  1. empowers students with the awareness, autonomy and self/social mastery they require to improve their performance and wellbeing
  2. assists educators/staff to better understand and better support the unique needs of their students

By harnessing and fusing the power of self-reflection, coaching, learning and technology, this is precisely what Scintillate's solutions have been designed to do.

Solution #1

Self-reflective coaching tools: easy, effective & scientifically proven

High quality self-reflection holds the key to improving student performance & wellbeing. It helps students to make sense of their world. It assists them to challenge and broaden their perspective and to see other points of view. It enables them to recognise the impact of their actions. It assists them to identify strengths to leverage, limitations to overcome and to spot opportunities for growth and perhaps most importantly, high quality self-reflection empowers students to take ownership of their lives. 

Sounds great right? That's because it is! But there's a problem... high quality self-reflection is H.A.R.D! It's a higher order skill that is rarely taught and challenging to practice, resulting in frustration and reluctance to engage. Traditional self-reflection is also overly focused on problems, creating anxiety and despondence and overly focused on the past, making self-reflection feel forced and inauthentic.

Thankfully, a solution to high quality self-reflection has been found.

By fusing coaching methodologies (such as frameworks, questioning techniques, a solution focus and positive psychology), with traditional self-reflection, Scintillate has developed a suite of self-reflective coaching tools that have been scientifically shown to be highly effective at improving student performance and wellbeing in just four simple steps.

Improving student performance & wellbeing in just four simple steps

Students complete a self-reflective coaching tool

(5-15 min) which enhances their awareness, autonomy, motivation & positivity. They are emailed a log of their responses.

They share their electronic response log with their lecturer/supervisor, promoting trust, transparency, communication & connectivity.
The staff member reads their students' responses (~5 minutes), enhancing their understanding & creating authentic opportunities for follow up conversations. 
Staff have a follow up conversation with their students that are authentic, efficient & impactful, further enhancing performance, wellbeing & trust. 

20 self-reflective coaching tools (and counting) designed to suit a range of contexts

'New thought, new actions' series

The 'New thought, new action' series assists students to see their lives from a new perspective, to develop action plans for growth and to feel happier and more confident.
6 tools
  • Backbone & heart
  • Getting unstuck
  • Power up your performance
  • PROGRAM Lite
  • SMARTEN it up

'Your life, by design' series

The 'Your life, by design' series supports students to take greater ownership of their lives, setting longer and shorter-term goals that are meaningful and achievable.  
5 tools
  • Dynamic day
  • Weekly wishes. 
  • Masterful month
  • North STAR

'Reframe, recalibrate & recharge' series

The 'Reframe, recalibrate & recharge' series assists students to reframe their perspective when things go wrong, recalibrate when things go off track & recharge when energy is low 
3 tools
  • Reframe
  • Recalibrate
  • Recharge

'Intentional internships' series

The 'Intentional internship' series supports students to thrive on their internship/practicums by equipping them with the awareness and autonomy needed to excel and by ensuring that supervision is both efficient and effective. 
3 tools
  • Starting strong
  • Review and refine
  • Lessons learnt

'Powerful projects' series

The 'Powerful projects' series  supports students to excel on a large project by equipping them with the awareness and autonomy needed to excel and by ensuring that supervision is both efficient and effective.
3 tools
  • Starting strong
  • Review and refine
  • Lessons learnt
Solution #2

Online courses that generate self & social awareness, autonomy & mastery  

Regardless of your students' backgrounds, ambitions and abilities, there are three key attributes that will determine their happiness and success: their levels of self and social awareness, autonomy and mastery.

Awareness is our capacity to consciously tune into the thoughts, emotions and values of ourselves and others as well as the impact and influence of culture and systems,

Autonomy refers to our ability to make our own decisions and to take responsibility for our choices and actions as well as respecting the rights of others to do the same.

Mastery refers to our ability to regulate and action positive personal behaviours such as resilience, optimism, critical thinking, organisation and confidence as well as interpersonal actions such as communication, collaboration, leadership and building rapport. 

Scintillate is currently developing a range of online courses that will improve your students' self and social awareness, autonomy and mastery by leveraging five key ingredients.

The five key ingredients of our online courses 

Diagnostic data

We leverage diagnostic tools to equip your child with insight on strengths & areas for growth

Online learning

We utilise videos & text to deliver key teachings that are short, sharp, engaging & inclusive 


We use self-reflective coaching tools to improve awareness & ownership & instigate action

Action tasks

We utilise action tasks to ensure application and personalisation of learning.


We include educators as sponsors to both enhance learning & optimise the impact of your support 

Our online courses for students are coming soon

Solution #3

Enhancing the sustainability and impact of whole school coaching initiatives 

Coaching is widely recognised as an essential tool for supporting tertiary education staff to enhance their professional practice. These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a school or district that is not engaged in some sort of coaching. But if coaching is so effective, why are we struggling to see the impact?

Research tells us that for staff coaching programs to be effective, they must be personalised (meet individuals where they are at), easy (school staff are time poor) and agential (promoting ownership, agency and autonomy).

If any one of these attributes is missing, despite the enormous investment of time, energy and money, your staff coaching program is likely to fail.

Scintillate’s self-coaching tools present tertiary education centres with an easy, effective and affordable solution with which to augment and enhance the sustainability and impact of existing coaching initiatives, saving time and money.

Scintillate improves outcomes for students, staff & administrators

Scintillate benefits students. | Scintillate benefits staff. | Scintillate benefits administrators.

Benefits for students

More confident
Better results
Feel more in control
Greater clarity
More resilient
Feel more understood
More ambition
More trust with staff/supervisors
Feel more supported

Benefits for staff

Better understanding of students
Better connection with students
Improved student performance
Greater job satisfaction
Less conflict
Less critical incidents
Better able to support students
More engaged students
Less stressed

Benefits for admin

Improved student performance
Improved student wellbeing
Improved student satisfaction
Improved student retention
Less critical incidents
Improved staff wellbeing
Improved staff satisfaction
Improved staff retention
Student services more efficient & effective
Greater job satisfaction


Scintillate provides schools with three membership options that suit all budgets and needs


Free use for unlimited students
  • Unlimited access to three self-reflective coaching tools *electronic response log not included
  • One-off bulk student upload available
  • Email support



Price on application
  • Unlimited access to all self-coaching tools & supporting resources & the Student Excellence Survey  
  • Analysis of Student Excellence Survey data (pre & post). 
  • 8 x group coaching sessions for implementation lead
  • Ability to manage & assign students
  • Scintillate founding membership (25% lifetime discount)
  • Unlimited access to staff self-coaching tools


Price on application
Price dependent on requested features and student numbers
Everything in 'Pilot' package plus
  • Full white-label options
  • Bespoke course/tool creation
  • Bespoke data collection & analysis 
  • Staff development sessions
  • Dashboards