IECL - Scintillate potential partnership

Extending and enhancing IECL's solutions

As leaders in the coaching field, IECL offer their global audience an extensive range of world-class solutions including coach training, individual coaching, supervision, team coaching, alumni, membership and modules that build and embed coaching capabilities for leaders.

Scintillate's self-reflective coaching tools, a fusion of self-reflection, technology and coaching methodologies, can be leveraged to extend and enhance IECL's solutions.

Self-reflective coaching tools unlock growth at three levels.

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Superior self-reflection

The core skill of coaching is to ask questions that stimulate the high level, rigorous reflection required to broaden perspective, gain clarity and elicit action.’  - David Clutterbuck

Scaling the power of coaching is the industry holy grail. Instead of trying to replicate a human coach, self-reflective coaching tools provide an accessible, affordable and impactful reflective experience that has been scientifically validated as being highly effective and superior to traditional self-reflection. 

In addition to the existing suite of 20 self-reflective coaching tools, we can easily create custom tools that are specifically designed to extend solutions and enhance performance and wellbeing across a range of different IECL contexts.
Self-reflective coaching tools provide IECL with a low cost and low risk opportunity to broaden their market reach, strengthen their offering, differentiate from competitors and create new revenue streams.

You can trial four different self-reflective coaching by clicking below. 
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Connection & conversation

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” - John Lennon
Scintillate's self-reflective coaching tools are not designed to replace human connection and support; they are designed to enhance it.

At the conclusion of the self-reflective coaching session, users are emailed a copy of the questions and their responses. While this is a powerful artefact for individuals to prompt and track their growth, the response log serves as a catalyst for deeper connection and quality conversation. 

Initial research suggests the small act of sharing the response log with a coach, supervisor, mentor, leader or peer has three powerful ramifications: deeper trust, greater understanding and more impactful conversations. 

IECL can leverage this in two key ways:
  1. Increasing and validating ROI: by enhancing the impact and value of coaching, training and supervision.
  2. Extending market reach and revenue: the tools, along with supplementary support and training, can be sold to organisations as a method for creating and embedding a culture of coaching that is both sustainable and measurable. 
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Illuminate & inform

"The key to success isn't just thinking about what we are doing but doing something about what we are thinking." - Peter Senge
Scintillate's self-reflective coaching tools collect a wealth of data that can be aggregated and leveraged to enhance organisational and meta-level learning. 

There are three ways that IECL could utilise this data to gain market advantage in an increasingly competitive field:
  1. Use the data internally: exploration through a variety of lenses would yield powerful insights that inform strategic direction and shape offerings.
  2. Use the data externally: feeding strategic insights back to organisational customers would demonstrate ROI and place IECL in the powerful position of being able to diagnose problems AND suggest/sell solutions.
  3. Delete the data: given the ethical considerations around data collection, IECL might decide to take the bold move of deleting the data, strengthening their brand and generating trust.

Potential applications

(& supervision)

  • Pre-engagement: fast-track goal identification and build connection.
  • Between sessions: support action and reflection and enhance impact.
  • Post-engagement: extend and embed impact. 

Training and courses

  • Pre-training: attract customers and enhance readiness and commitment to learning.
  • During training: support and scaffold learning.
  • Post-training: extend and embed learning.

Coaching capabilities

  • Identify focus areas.
  • Enhance learning and foster connection. 
  • Scaffold coaching conversations.
  • Sharpen facilitation.
  • Support post-module action and reflection.

Alumni & membership

  • Enhance reflective practice.
  • Scaffold member-member coaching sessions.
  • Identify areas of interest.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Support post-event action and reflection.

A new revenue stream

  • Can be sold as a standalone digital product. 
  • B2C AND B2B could purchase individual, bundled or full suite of tools.
  • Potential to include additional digital products.

Benefits for IECL

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Increase ROI

Increase ROI by enhancing and extending existing solutions.

Market advantage

Broaden your offering, extend your reach and gain an exclusive edge.

Profit at scale

Digital products that create profit (and impact) at scale. 

Lead generation

Generate more in-bound leads and attract new customers.