Coaching package

Includes 1:1 breakthrough/breakfree coaching package plus 12 months access to all self-reflective coaching tools
Breakthrough/breakfree coaching

What's included?

9x 1 hour coaching sessions (Zoom)

9 x 1 hr coaching sessions with a professionally certified coach & educator that will fast-track and embed your child's happiness & success

Diagnostic tools

Use of diagnostic and profiling tools to benchmark progress identify motivations, highlight strengths and spot limitations

Three-way meetings

Parents (or sponsors) join in for the beginning, middle and final coaching session to promote alignment and enhance impact 

Between session tasks

Between session tasks that support progress and scaffold growth will be identified, agreed upon and enacted

Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured. Scintillate provides all clients with a satisfaction or money-back guarantee

12 months access to all our tools

A year's access to all of Scintillate's self-reflective coaching tools is included.

23% discount on all purchases

This huge saving is only available to members who join in 2023